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Garlic extract supplement

Which Garlic Extract Supplement Is The Best For Your Body?

People tend to take up different methods to attain health. Exercising, meditating, following a balanced diet, etc., all form essential elements of achieving good health. But people sometimes unknowingly include some things in their lifestyle that they might not even know are beneficial, like garlic. Garlic has been in use in many food items for centuries now. It adds a distinctive flavour to the food and benefits one’s body in several ways. That’s why people deliberately started consuming it. But the kind of bitter taste and awful smell can be an obstacle to that. This became the reason for the production of multiple garlic extract supplements. But which one is the best?

Garlic extract supplement

Types of Garlic Extract Supplements

The following are the most general types of garlic extract supplements:

  • Capsules Capsules are cylindrical outer shells of soluble gelatin in which pharmacists place the powder or jelly medication. These are easy to swallow, odourless, tasteless, and easily digestible. This is what makes it easier for everyone (especially those who don’t like medication consumption) to intake too. Because one can also easily open them, one can also add another substance toq these encases. This is both their pro and con.
  • Tablets Tablets are the most common medication type, in small, smooth and compressed forms. Though they’re usually flat and circular, they come in various shapes and sizes to fit the needs of the patients. They are comparatively less costly and maintain their potency for an extended time. However, they’re the most difficult to swallow too.
  • Softgels Softgels are one-piece capsules made of gelatin integrated with glycerin or sorbitol with a smoother shape and contour. These are mainly used to produce liquid or oil-based medications. This is why they are much easier to swallow than ordinary pills. However, they cannot be neatly split into smaller amounts or smoothly opened.
Garlic extract supplement

Why Should You Buy Garlic Extract Pills?

The following are the major reasons why it’s exceptionally fantastic to buy garlic extract pills:

  • Odourless & Tasteless It can be difficult for many to consume garlic directly despite its benefits, especially in the winter. Its somewhat bitter taste and pungent smell can be a nightmare to many! But garlic capsules are different. That’s why they are the best. They’re odourless, tasteless, and get easily dissolved in our bloodstream and start working.
  • Easy To Swallow One of the other qualities of garlic extract capsules is that one can easily swallow them. However, if that’s not the case, these capsules can also easily be split, making swallowing easier. Besides, their shape allows their smooth movement through our oesophagus when taken with water. Therefore, it’s not a big problem for kids to consume too.
  • Easily & Rapidly Digestible The outer shell of the garlic extract capsules is made of dissolvable gelatin that allows it to break down faster. This, in turn, releases the capsules’ content more quickly and gets mixed into the bloodstream. Thus this makes them easily & rapidly digestible.
  • Quick To Act Garlic capsules are also quick to act. This is again because of their shells. Their gelatin shells consist of drugs and additives that swell and release the contents when they get wet. This generally happens quickly, resulting in their dissolution and absorption in the bloodstream.
  • Tamper-Resistant These capsules are hard to tamper with, even if they can easily be split in two. In fact, this is one of the reasons why their tampering is difficult. This is one of the reasons you may want to buy garlic extract capsules online. If you still want to ensure that your capsules haven’t been tampered with, see for any tearing or indentation. Undoubtedly, your pills should remain intact otherwise.
  • Easier To Handle Though people often complain about capsules being challenging to swallow, it is pretty easy. Their shape and smooth and slippery nature help in their easy intake. Besides, it becomes simpler for kids to gulp them down because they can also be split into two. Their tasteless and odourless nature becomes their plus point for healthy, routine intake. 
  • Their Shells Are Physiologically Inert The saying ‘What’s inside is what matters’ can fit into several aspects. One of those is the case of capsules. The pills’ garlic extract holds all the beneficial qualities necessary for the body, not the gelatin shell combined with drugs and additives. They do not have any physiological effect on one’s body. Instead, it gets easily dissolved in the one’s digestive system, not harm.

Cons Of Garlic Extract Capsules

Though there are more advantages of garlic extract capsules, there also are a few opposing sides.

  • Expensive Capsules are expensive, and there’s no denying it. Their manufacturing is costly because of their contents and the shells’ production, resulting in higher buying costs. This cost increases if the capsule shells, to cater for the needs of vegetarians and vegans, use HPMC and vegetable starch. This is one of the reasons why capsules are not a very favourite for the producers.
  • May Cause Gastric Irritation Garlic capsules may sometimes cause gastric irritation, especially for those who anyway face digestive issues. Although it is conducive to solving digestive problems if consumed in excess, garlic can cause digestive issues. The same goes for garlic capsules. Besides, they may create much more trouble if stuck in the oesophagus. Thus, one must cautiously swallow them.
  • Not Suitable For High-Dose It’s a senseful act that everything is fine, even medication or nutraceuticals if consumed within a limit. An overdose of any medication may result in side effects. If consumed in a high dose, garlic pills may prevent blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding, digestive issues, heartburn, etc. Also, consider that you do not have an allergy to garlic.
  • Can Be Tampered With One of the major drawbacks of any capsule is that it can easily be tampered with because one can effortlessly split it into two halves. This allows placing an alternative substance in the shells. This is technically more possible in the unsealed capsules. However, a tamper can be detected if there is an indentation or tearing.
Garlic extract supplement

In A Nutshell!

Boosting immunity, improving digestion, keeping oneself warm, strengthening the respiratory system, etc.- garlic extract supplements like garlic benefit one’s body in several ways. But garlic capsules prove to be the best when it comes to choosing one of those supplements. Therefore, if you, too, want to get healthier, you should consider adding Nutriflavin’s garlic extract capsules to your diet. These capsules are 100% pure and vegetarian, with the appropriate amount of the necessary nutrients, and contain all the other qualities that pure garlic holds. Hence, trust Nutriflavin nutraceuticals to acquire a healthy body, and a healthy lifestyle. 

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