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Top Untold Honey Facts That Can Amaze You!

If you’re afraid of honey bees’ sting, you may barely like them. Of course, their stings can make humans cry hard and long enough as they are painful and traumatic. But, apart from their dangerous, hurtful stings, there are many reasons to love them. The most important reason is natural, fresh honey made by them.

Indeed, the delicious sweetener encompasses rich nutrition and packed anti-inflammatory properties that set it apart from other edible health care products. But, other than all good counts, some startling facts about honey can amaze you. Stay a loyal reader and sharpen your knowledge with amazing honey facts mentioned below:

  • Honey Is Remedial: A lot of times, honey has been considered a remedial substance for injuries, wounds, cuts, and burns. The anti-inflammatory goodness packed in the honey accelerates the healing process and becomes inhospitable to growing bacteria. This way, natural and fresh sweetener made by bees has been potentially effective for medical purposes for ages, and the time is still counting.

  • Honey Comes In Different Natural Flavors: It has been the biggest myth of consumers that flavored honey available in the market contains preservatives & additives. Instead, the super-fast growing honey competition has bought real flavored honey encompassing no additive flavors, colors, or aroma. Tulsi Honey and Jamun honey are the perfect examples to carry forward for understanding the presence of real nature’s goodness. Bees visiting different flowers collect nectar from the individual plants and make honey.

  • Honey Is Not Always Made By Bees: A recent research in 2013 exposed that bees do not always make honey. It is also shocking news that not all bees make honey as only a small fraction can prepare it. A group of wasps is also responsible for producing honey on a large scale. However, it’s been studied that honey made by wasps isn’t healthy.

  • Honey Is The Perfect Alternative To Processed Sugars: Believe it or not, people who consume honey in a considerable quantity are more likely to be healthier than the ones who intake processed sugars. Even healthcare experts affirm the incredible benefits of Jamun honey for diabetic patients. The benefits of Tulsi honey are also countless, which work like a weapon against viral infections and diseases such as cold, cough, fever, etc.

  • Honey Acts As Saviour To Bees During Winters: Honey becomes a savior for bees during the colder months. The frequency of producing honey by bees in summers is comparatively higher than in winters. That’s why bees ensure that they make enough honey during the hotter days to sustain in winters even without producing honey. The clustering and shivering of bees in a group around the queen create a warm atmosphere in the hive, making them survive easily in colder months.

  • Honey Can Have Eternal Shelf Life: It’s hard to believe, but another truth about the raw and fresh honey made by bees is that it lasts longer than ever. These days, the added preservatives and additives have dwindled the actual shelf life of honey. It’s one of those limited food products that never spoil if stored in an air-tight container with concern. A few statistics even claim to have found thousands of years old edible honey in Egyptian tombs.

  • Honey Is Budget & Eco Friendly: The gathering of nectar from flower to flower and plant to plant by bees is a pollination process. It is a crucial process for the environment as honey bee pollination derives enough food for human consumption. Thereby, honey production serves both humans and the economy. Honey is a superfood that is entirely eco-friendly and contains nutrients that do not harm the environment.

Excess Of Everything Hurts!

We can certainly not deny the verity that excess of everything hurts. Above all the fascinating facts about natural sweeteners, it’s crucial to understand that emerging supermarkets have bought multiple competitors under one roof in the last few decades. This results in robust competitiveness among the best quality honey in India, which eventually encourages consumers to intake raw honey regularly.

Well, that’s so true that raw honey benefits human health in multiple facets, but too much of everything often acts vice-versa, mainly to health. It’s essential to know what an excess consumption of honey causes to one’s health.

Below are some side effects that could occur after too much honey consumption.

  • Constipation is a serious health problem that could occur during over honey consumption. Doctors recommend that more than ten teaspoons of honey in a day eventually leads to poor health.

  • Usually, raw, fresh honey mixed in lukewarm water or lemon water remarkably helps in weight loss. But its consumption in the wrong way, like without mixing in warm or lemon water, may impact adversely and cause weight gain issues.

  • The continuous consumption of honey in excessive amounts could cause stomach cramps sometimes. To avoid this, one must lessen the quantity of raw honey consumption.

  • The best quality honey in India can boost immunity and strengthen the heart’s functionality by simultaneously regulating blood sugar levels. However, honey can only be a healthy substitute for sugar but not a remedy for diabetes. Crabs in honey may also increase the blood sugar level, so it’s advisable to consult doctors before adding it into a routine diet.

Wrapping Up!

Fresh honey contains natural ingredients that make it demanding in health terms. However, it’s essential to note that nothing in this world should be over-consumed for health’s sake. This applies similarly to honey as a natural superfood containing bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, etc., is healthful but may cause a few side effects depending on one’s body conditions in case of overconsumption. Prepared with utmost love, care, and attention, Nutriflavinhoney products contain adequate amounts of ingredients to benefit human health with no negative impact.

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