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Suppresses Cold & Cough

Due to seasonal changes and coming in contact with sick people, oftentimes, children and elders suffer from influenza diseases like the common cold, cough, fever, and other respiratory discomforts. These infections may hamper the quality of living and health simultaneously. However, medicines can cure them but enact vice-versa to those whose body is allergic to allopathic medications. Nutriflavin’s naturally extracted food supplements act as a potential natural cure that helps suppress colds, coughs, and similar respiratory infections and also accelerates the recovery process.

Natural Products Are The Natural Remedies For Respiratory Infections

If you are looking for a natural remedy that holds no side effects, heals wounds, and recovers from influenza diseases faster, Nutriflavin’s wide range of Nutraceuticals may be your ultimate destination to the gateway to a healthy life. The edible components result in treating human health effectively and efficiently in a routine manner.

Reduces Cough Duration

Nutraceuticals are generally loaded with antioxidants, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties due to the array of rich nutrients in them. The research on such dietary fibre supplements affirms that Tulsi ashwagandha is incredibly beneficial to human health during common flu, cold, or cough. Apparently, Tulsi honey is more effective than diphenhydramine for reducing cough duration and its symptoms.
Overall, honey with ginger takes better care of the body during viral sickness or common influenza diseases. It comforts nasal congestion, respiratory infection, and trouble breathing which further improves the quality of sleep at times when your body needs more relaxation & rest. However, it is strictly prohibited to give honey to children below 1 year of age due to the risk of botulism.

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