Which Is Better To Buy? Regular Honey Or Jamun Honey?

Should You Buy Pure Jamun Honey Or Regular Honey? Which Is Better?

Nature, in its raw and all-natural form, can be stupendous. But the growth of human civilisation is successful in making human lives comfortable, however, at the cost of all the benefits that nature provides us. One such blessing of nature is honey, which has been known to the world for ages and used for various purposes. However, some variants of honey also provide many more benefits to the human body, for instance, Jamun honey. But there arises another question here. Should you buy pure Jamun honey or regular honey? Which one of the two is better? This may be subjective from one person to another. Nevertheless, let’s see their benefits respectively.

Normal Honey Benefits:
Here are a few benefits of honey:
  • Memory- A relaxed and stress-free mind is capable of many things and functions great. One such thing that it can do is improve and maintain good memory, and honey acts as an amazing food item that contributes to this factor.
  • Sleep- Honey helps relax the brain cells and frees one from stress cells. This helps not only your body to relax but also your mind. Thus, helping you get a sound sleep. This, in turn, helps maintain a sound mind activity and good thinking.


  • Cough & Sinus- Honey soothes sore throat and helps it relieve. Besides, it also helps remove excessive mucus stored in the lungs. Therefore, helping one get rid of cough, sinus, and even some allergies.
  • Wounds & Cuts- Honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and helps heal wounds and cuts. It also soothes the pain and relaxes the tension in one’s body. In fact, it is also effective for intense injuries like burns, oedema, exudate, etc.
  • Energy- The natural and unprocessed sugar in honey gives a quick energy boost immediately after entering the bloodstream. This helps not only in normal situations but also proves to be great during extensive workouts.
  • Immunity- Honey is an overall immunity booster that helps one’s body fight against many diseases and strengthens it. It also fights against many viruses, bacteria, and fungal infections, reviving the body’s health and maintaining it in the long run.


Benefits Of Jamun Honey:
The following are the benefits of Jamun honey:


Anaemia- For those who do not know, anaemia is a disease in which a person doesn’t adequately have healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to different tissues of one’s body. But Jamun honey has detoxifying properties and contains a lot of iron that purifies the blood and, in turn, helps blood circulation and makes the bloodstream toxins and stress hormone free.

  • Diabetes- Jamun honey, which carries a unique taste of sweetness with a tinge of bitterness, is beneficial in dealing with diabetes. It increases the insulin level in one’s body and slows down the rate of sugar released in the body. It, in turn, prevents the symptoms of diabetes like extreme urination, fatigue, exhaustion, etc.
  • Respiratory Issues- Both honey and Jamun have been known to help deal with respiratory issues and improve the health of the human respiratory system. Thus, Jamun honey, a combination of the two, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps get rid of bronchitis, removes mucus from the lungs, and is helpful for people with asthma and many other respiratory issues.
  • Kidney Disorders- On one hand, Jamun contains potassium, and on the other, honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are great for kidney health. Thus, Jamun honey does the same as it carries qualities of both Jamun and honey.
  • Cancer- This might be a surprising fact. Still, Jamun honey also helps in fighting a person against cancer as it contains various types of phytochemicals, flavonoids, and high phenolics. All of these collectively make Jamun honey full of antioxidants that help fight cancer cells, boost immunity, heals ulcers and wounds, reduce inflammation, etc.
  • Digestive Problems- With taste, Jamun honey also is the solution to digestive problems like diarrhoea, dysentery, worm infection, etc. This is so because it carries astringent and antimicrobial properties. Taking ½ – ¼ teaspoon of Jamun honey after light meals can help in diarrhoea.
  • Skin Infections- Both Jamun and honey are known to improve skin health. Talking about Jamun honey also proves the same, combining both. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin, bring a natural glow, reduce bacterial presence, etc. All of these contribute to rejuvenating skin health and dealing with skin infections.
  • Libido- A disinterest or loss of libido may lead to sexual dysfunction in men. Therefore, you may buy Jamun honey online on Nutriflavin‘s official website and add it to your diet to solve this problem. The aphrodisiac properties present in Jamun honey are known to improve this sexual dysfunction, improve libido, and increase male fertility and stamina.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases- Because Jamun honey helps in stabilising blood sugar in a person’s body, that indirectly helps fight cardiovascular diseases which otherwise would damage blood vessels and nerves responsible for the correct functioning of the heart.
  • Periodontal Infection- For your information, periodontal infection is a gum infection that, if kept untreated, may damage the soft tissue and detriment the bone that supports one’s teeth. To prevent that, one may rinse their mouth every morning with warm water and Jamun honey or apply it to their gums.


Although they may be slightly different in how beneficial they are to the human body, regular honey and Jamun honey have some similar advantages too. For instance, both help in weight management, oral health, digestion, heart health, etc., making them absolute gems to add to one’s regular diet.


Because both regular honey and Jamun honey serve several healthy perks, one must consume them regularly, but to a limit, if they do not want to face its damaging consequences like nausea, dizziness, irregular heart rhythms, weakness, etc. However, you should buy pure Jamun honey from Nutriflavin’s official website, which also offers some other nutraceutical products. It has benefits like purifying blood, strengthening the immunity system, reviving skin health, improving appetite, helping lose weight, etc.


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