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Return & Refund Policy

Nutriflavin always wants its clients to have a smooth, safe, private and successful transaction in no time and effort. This is why our 24×7 support is readily available to help you out in diverse needy situations. We do not accept refund and return requests once you are done placing the order. However, your comfort and feedback are valuable to us, and so we strive to render you a cordial experience with a fair solution. 


Here are the following conditions wherein we reserve our customers’ rights to cancel or refuse to accept the order. All these conditions are inclusive but not restricted which are as follows:


  • Pricing Issue 
  • Information/Details Issue 
  • Errors in Customers’ Financial/Personal Details 
  • Non-Availability Of Stock 

Refund Policy: 


  • When The Ordered Product Is Damaged:

We never want our customers to receive a damaged or defective product. We ensure utmost care and attention on everything from packaging to transporting until you get your order. However, if uncertain occasions serve you with a defective piece, you can request a refund to get your money back. Read the details below to understand how the process of refund application works. 


You have to notify about the damaged product of “Nutriflavin” within 48 hours from the delivery date at with subject “Damaged Product.” The below details are necessary to mention in the email. 


  1. Order Number
  2. Outer Box Image 
  3. Phone Number
  4. 2-3 Pictures That Clearly Shows The Package’s Defectiveness
  5. Invoice’s Image

Note: Please note that we always try our best to get back to you, and it may take around 24-48 hours after receipt of your request. In the case of multiple shipments, we will be taking only the damaged product into account. 


  • When The Ordered Product Is Missing:

You have to notify about the missing product of “Nutriflavin” within 48 hours from the delivery date at with subject “Missing Product.” The below details are necessary to mention in the email.


  1. Order Number
  2. Invoice’s Image
  3. Phone Number
  4. Outer Box Image
  5. 2-3 Pictures Of The Opened Box With All Inside Items

Note: We do not accept refund requests, but your satisfactory experience is our priority. For that purpose, we try only to deliver the missing product promptly in the least time. Also, we revert to your request in possibly less than 2 days or 48 hours. 


Cancellation Policy: 


Please note that we do not accept cancellation requests of the package after the exceedance of 2 hours from the ordering time. You can apply for order cancellation within 2 hours of ordering the item via email to info@nutriflavin.comwith subject “Cancellation.” 


Return Policy: 


Please note that all Nutriflavin products that are once unpacked/opened are not eligible for return requests except in certain scenarios. You have to email us at within 48 hours from the delivery date by informing us of a valid reason. Our team will examine and validate the same if genuine to serve the best possible service. The email must comprise details as required in the refund policy. 


Note: Please return the package with adequate packing and all package contents to ensure a safe return. There should not be any subsequent damage to the product, else, you will not be eligible for full return credit. The shipping costs for returns are the customers’ responsibility, and hence its transit loss would not belong to us. 


We do not accept returns for color, texture, taste, or aroma variance, the reason being, Nutriflavin honey is a 100% natural, raw, unprocessed, and unfiltered honey, unlike other brands. We do not process our naturally flavored Tulsi and Jamun honey with pasteurization and ultra-filtration with no artificial color, flavor, chemical, heat, or preservatives. Thus, the changes in color, taste, aroma and other parameters are due to natural variations only and have no implication on the medicinal efficacy of the product.


Please Return To:


Flavin Labs Private Limited


Plot no. 4 Trimurtigram, Ring road Kalyanpur,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – 226026

Phone: +91-6393791170 (Whatsapp)