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Honey Popcorn

Honey Popcorn

Popcorn is a snack that nobody ever wishes to miss out on, mainly while watching a movie. Therefore, you can’t properly consider this snack an unhealthy munching bite as it has some exclusive benefits too. But, here comes the commonest parental question: “Are These Healthy?” Let’s not contribute much thought to discussing this because every coin contains two different aspects. We can potentially make this snack healthiest by adding the most natural factor, which is none other than Nutriflavin raw Jamun Honey. Let us understand the healthy snack recipe of Honey popcorn. 


  • Normal Popcorn
  • Raw Jamun Honey 
  • Butter 
  • Brown Sugar 

Time Required: 20 Minutes 


  1. Take a deep frying pan, add brown sugar, raw Jamun honey, and butter into it simultaneously. 
  2. Stir all the three ingredients mentioned above on low heat until the sugar dissolves and the whole mixture bubbles up. 
  3. Now, turn off the flame and add normal popcorns into the mixture. After this, cover the pan with the lid and tumble everything properly to get a proper coating of mixture on each popcorn.
  4. Transfer the whole stuff onto a tray and let everything cool. 
  5. This snack may turn out a little stiff, but it is way easier to remove them from the tray using a spatula or a spoon.
  6. Your honey popcorn snack is all ready to serve and have right away. 

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