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Honey Summer Salad

Summers might be hot but they are just as loving to some people due to the endless variety of food and outfits that one gets to experience in this season. Some people like to spend time on beaches by enjoying breathtaking views and water waves, while some are crazy to explore delicious food with their favorite apparel. Which one are you from? Let it be any purpose you like summers for, but the food is definitely a must-count factor for this season. Since healthy beverages such as coconut water aren’t enough to hydrate the body in the heat weather, you can better take care of your health with other exclusive options too. Honey summer salad can probably be the focal point of your “wish list food items.” Let’s find what it looks like and how it acts as a savior to your health in the summers. 


  • Your favorite set of veggies 
  • Black Salt (As per taste)
  • Raw Jamun Honey 
  • Torn Mint Leaves

Time Required: 15 Mins (Depending on the pace of chopping veggies) 


  1. Take a large bowl and chop your favorite veggies as per the size you want. 
  2. Add all the sprinklers, such as torn mint leaves and black salt, along with one teaspoon (or more as you want) of Nutriflavin raw Jamun honey onto chopped veggies. 
  3. Give a stir with a whisk to ensure all the veggies get coated with the sprinklers well. 
  4. Keep the prepared stuff at rest for some time (probably for 5-7 mins). 
  5. Your healthy, luscious, and appetite satiating veggie honey salad is ready to eat. 

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