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4 Quick Ways To Identify The Best Quality Honey At Your Home!

“Health is vital; time is uncertain; get up and do something that stops the problem before it pertains.”

When it comes to counting the benefits of honey, the list is certainly broader than you think and longer than you know. India is the best honey manufacturing country due to multiple varieties of honey extraction and its production in bulk through indigenous beekeeping. Farmers incorporate traditional honey farming methods to ensure 100% authenticity and the best quality honey. However, due to intense competition in the honey market, some vendors introduce heat processed and pasteurized honey entitled as pure raw honey to fool consumers.

Health is a primary goal for every individual, following which we’ve come up to aware of something that amazes and advantages you simultaneously. Since many consumers question the quality of honey and its authenticity, we want you to understand that a few simple techniques can be performed at home to test its purity. The fascinating techniques to identify the pure Jamun Honey or any other type at home are as follows.

Water Test: It’s the simplest, quickest, and effortless method to determine any honey brand’s quality. Experts say that natural honey will never dissolve completely or quickly in the water. Instead, it requires considerable effort and time. Sometimes, even after some effort and time, you see the honey floating within the water and not wholly dissolving into it. This indicates that honey is original and not contaminated with any chemical, heat, or preservative. You can easily perform this task at home by taking a glass of water and adding a teaspoon of honey to it. Ensure that the water is at room temperature and not too cold or hot.

Vinegar Test: We all seek to get the benefits of Jamun honey whenever we buy its jar or add it to our pantry. But, do you know that not all brands of Jamun honey are raw? As per health care experts, raw honey is the best for consumption because it is unprocessed and unadulterated. You will require a few drops of vinegar, honey, and some water to perform this honey purity check at home. Take a few drops of vinegar and add some water. Now pour a teaspoon of honey into the vinegar-water mix to see the results. Your honey is adulterated or impure if the mixture tends to foam or become frothy.

Heat Test: It is a little risky test to check the purity or authenticity of honey. However, this test requires things that are easily available at home. Take a matchstick or a cotton bud; now dip its top into honey and flame it up. If the honey on the cotton bud or matchstick gets burnt, your honey is not real. The original honey does not burn out even when exposed to direct heat or flame.

Thumb Test: The last but not the least method to check the authenticity of any honey at home is a thumb test. Honey is a gift given by nature and honeybees and is thick in consistency rich in color, flavor, and aroma. To perform the thumb test, just take a little amount of honey on your thumb; if it remains at its place, it is of good quality. On the contrary, in case the honey on your thumb spills or drips like other watery consistency, then it’s unauthentic or not real.

Secure Your Health; Choose Honey Wisely!

blog-pic1Honey is a rich source of antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It benefits health in multiple ways; however, choosing the best quality Honey brand is important. Inferior quality of honey may act vice-versa to your health which would be eventually not good for your comprehensive well-being. So, next time you buy a new bottle of the honey jar, read its ingredients & processing details, and perform the testing at home to ensure its authentic quality or purity. Nutriflavin is one of those honey brands in the market that has occupied the space of many hearts in less time. Its Jamun and Tulsi honey is extracted right from the forest beehives of nectar, encompassing no added flavor, color, preservative, chemical, or heat.

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